Star Wars: The Price of Liberty Too

The Market Place

The team camped out at the market place for several days before they caught a hint that Xisor was even in the area. They had almost given up hope of finding him and began to doubt his being on planet. They decided to wait one more day and that decision paid off. The Jedi sensed Xisor and the chase through the market place was on. The team lost sight of him for only a second until finally they had him. They made all haste to get to the ship. They contacted captain Yak’Zahn so he could get the ship ready to depart only to find out that Yak’Zahn and the other whiplash operative had troubles of their own. The captain was already getting the ship ready while the operative was fighting off the attackers.
All around the city the team had to fight off members of the black sun. Several of the team got injured but eventually the team made it to the ship and were able to get safely away.



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