Star Wars: The Price of Liberty Too

The return to safety?

As the crew heads for a safe haven to bring Xisor to justice……Jedi Jax decides to contact a jedi master by the name of Sagan. Sagan is on Naboo along with 2 other masters as luck would have it. normally they would not be on the same planet together for fear of discovery but the force brought them together. Master Sagan told Jax to bring Xisor to Naboo and they would have the trial. He also stated that Xisor needed to be questioned to ensure he was indeed Xisor.
Captain Yak’Zahn and Jedi Jax were headed into the room to question Xisor while Mindy and the whiplash agent waited outside the room.
The questioning went south the moment they entered the room. The person they had in custody stated that his name was Julius. He was being chased in the market place for who knows what reason and was really scared so naturally he kept running until he was tackled and shackled.
Jedi Jax used the force to gain his identification (and a couple of cred sticks) which confirmed some of the things he had said like the fact that he was a Gemologist and he had a family. Jax attempted to use the force to see if he was being told the truth because things were not adding up and he had to avenge his slain master.But the force was no help Julius had to be telling the truth. “What is that strange smell?” Jax asked Yak’Zahn. " I smell nothing my suit has a filter" That is when it dawned on them that Julius was using his pheromones to induce a loving feeling a peaceful feeling. They stepped out side the room and got a breather for Jax while Yak’Zahn examined the cred sticks to find they were rigged to explode.
Reentering the room they tossed the cred sticks at his feet. “You wanted to give us cred sticks that were rigged to explode?” " Of course they are rigged. I am a Gemologist and carry around sticks all the time if robbed I want some assurance that they will explode and be unusable. But the explosion is a small one isolated to the device. I am not a murderer."
The questioning continued but they were not able to determine his true identity. As they were getting ready to leave he told them how this was going to end. The door now had an explosive device on it and he was going to set it off if they did not cooperate. He set the charge off knocking Yak’Zahn and Jax to the ground. It also knocked Mindy to the ground. Yak’Zahn got off a shot that wounded Julius but Julius was able to slip past to get to the cockpit. Locked inside the cockpit he got to work. He brought the ship out of Hyperspace and set a new course.
The team finally got into the cockpit and had a brief standoff with Julius. Julius was able to destroy the pilot and co-pilot consoles. The cockpit was set to explode and did. Yak’Zahn was sucked out into space while Jax was pulled back inside by Bob whose quick thinking saved them. Julius was dead and floating in space. Yak’Zahn used the jet pack in his suit to get back on board.
The crew got rescued and taken to Naboo but their ship was lost….stolen.
Questions still plague Jax did Xisor get away, was that really Julius? The information they got from whiplash was of no use. Now they need a ship and a new path, but they think they have a plan……



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