Star Wars: The Price of Liberty Too

To Catch A Ship or 2 or 3

While whiplash did everything it could to gain information on the shipyard in the Corellian System. The team was able to enjoy some time off. The Jedi used this time to train with Jedi Master Sagan. From him they learned Life Detection and honed their Light Saber skills. It was very beneficial to both Jedi. Jax was informed that Kiri would not be joining them as he was given a mission he had to carry out. Jax was introduced to No-di’sh a half Rishi half human jedi that had the strange habit of eating anything it wanted.
It wasn’t long after, that a meeting was called. The team gathered and they were informed that in order to gain the information to make this run possible they had to employ the use of outside sources. Whiplash had to get information from the Hutts and in return would gain a ship for them. The Hutts provided their own team of personnel led by Andak a particularly nasty red Rodian. Whiplash also had to contact the Bothan Coalition which just happened to have a member inside collecting the very data they were looking for. The team was introduced to Maori the Bothan Operative. There was also one other member Nila the ship acquisition specialist. Hours upon hours the team discussed how to get the ships and get out safely. In the end it was decided that the team would locate any imperial “idiot” that worked near the shipyards and see if they could use them to get what they needed and get away safely. Once they had the information and/or “idiot” they would contact Nila and she would set things in motion with the Corellian contact Davin the leader of the stormtroopers stationed at the ship yards. Piece of cake right????
On Corellia the peeps split up to find their “idiot”. Some went to a bar, a gambling establishment, a goods trader, and a fancy restaurant. As luck would have it they hit pay dirt. They found several “idiots” but which one would be of most use?
A plan was quickly formulated and set into motion. There were 3 ships needed and there were 2 Corellian corvettes almost completed and ready for space trials. There was also a ship that looked like the corvette but was a third of the size and called a prototype. Rumored to be 4 times faster than any ship in subspace. The team after several blunders secured the ship and got underway only to discover the hyper drive didn’t work. They decided to hide in the shadow of one of the moons and get the 2 other ships to hyper jump in the same vector to cover their disappearance. And that is where we will find them when we pick up the game.



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