Alternate Star Wars Campaign

In order to keep this interesting and new for those of us that have read every book and comic, we have an alternate timeline. This takes place between the third and fourth movie. While there may be some of the characters you are used to….they may not be exactly as you expect them to be. For example: Han Solo may still own the Millennium Falcon but just barely and he has no sidekick that owes him a life debt. Darth Vader exists but he never had any children as his love interest died prior to giving birth. So there is no Luke or Leia. Instead you as the player may become the next hero of the rebellion.

This is actually a prequel to another campaign that was run and will hopefully never counter any of the actions already taken by the other group of gamers which included myself.

Please, take a look at the wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Star Wars: The Price of Liberty Too

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